What's a Fair Market Valuation?

A Fair Market Valuation of your broadcast property is based on a combination of factors, such as:

  • Annual Gross Revenue
  • Annual Cash Flow
  • License Values
  • Asset Valuations
  • Market Revenues

How a Fair Market Valuation Benefits You, the Station Owner:

To Prepare for Selling

The radio business is changing rapidly. If you're considering selling one or more of your stations, step one is to know what they're really worth!

To Expand Your Business

Provide your bank or lender with an accurate valuation of your stations before you apply for that loan.

Estate Planning

Time catches up with us all. Make sure your station property & license valuation is current in your estate-planning process.

For your buyer, your bank, or your board of directors... when you need to know what your stations are worth!

About Bill Cate

As a media broker, since joining Chapman Associates in 1978, Cate has performed hundreds of appraisals and valuations of properties totalling over $2.3 billion. He has also personally brokered and closed 182 transactions, representing 253 radio and TV stations.
As a radio owner/operator, Cate owned 28 radio stations over 44 years in Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas, including several FM channels built "from the ground up."
Cate has been a guest speaker at many state broadcasting conventions, and has served as Guest Lecturer at several college broadcasting schools. Along with other media brokers he was featured in the NAB's video production of How To Acquire A Broadcast Station. His written articles on our industry have been published in Radio Business Report, Radio and Records, Broadcasting, and the Tom Taylor NOW website.

Why use Bill Cate for a Fair Market Valuation Appraisal?

His knowledge of the industry, and current trends in values, give Bill Cate Appraisals the credibility required for owners, buyers, banks, or anyone else needing an honest, affordable Fair Market Value Radio Appraisal.